New iPads to have a camera?

We’ve all speculated it before. Various times. Back when the iPad was announced in January, Cult of Mac noticed what could have been a front facing camera embedded in the iPad Steve Jobs held during the keynote. Then there was a confirmation from Mission:Repair that they had received replacement parts that included a camera slot. Another discovery came from Apple’s documentation itself which uncovered API support for camera functions like zoom and flash.

You might be familiar with Pano, an iPhone/ iPod touch app that lets you take panoramic photos from your iDevices. A recent app upgrade came with the following text: 4c918d58-c5ed4726

The update came after the new iPod touch was announced, hence “upcoming camera-bearing products” could only be hinting at the new iPads. Whether Pano’s claim is based on the above mentioned rumors, or the truth, only time will tell. Who knows, may be a little Apple birdy told them.

[Via 9to5mac]

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