New Photos Posted for iPhone 5 – New Design Mockup

Gizmodo posted a new gallery for a possible new iPhone 5 design mockup. The new photos are a bit different than some of the recent rumors. Others are still saying that that the new iPhone will not change in design, but will feature updated internals.

New Photos Posted for iPhone 5 - New Design Mockup

This new design features a rounded top and bottom, with the sides remaining square. It looks like the screen is the same size as the current iPhone, and the overall phone size also looks very similar. Obviously it is hard to tell in pictures, so we can only assume. The camera looks like it is on the opposite side of the phone. The body is made of one single piece of molded aluminum, similar to the unibody Macs now.

It would not surprise me if Apple were to make the iPhone completely out of glass, but that may be further down the road. Again, this is only an artist’s rendering, but still fun to look at.

We will have to wait until the Fall to see what Apple comes up with it seems, but we can all have our theories.

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