Another iPhone 5 Design Concept Reveals A Different Form Factor

There have been tons of rumors in the recent weeks speculating the release date and specs of the fifth generation iPhone handset which is supposedly going to launch in September. Numerous iPhone 5 design leaks have pointed to a slimmer device and a larger screen. However, this new concept image reveals a slightly different design perspective. With a larger touchscreen and curved aluminum backplate similar to the iPad, the concept comes from Michal Bonikowski, a renowned designer involved in many iPhone 5 crafter rumors.


The concept design boasts an ultra slim iPhone 5 with an iPad 2 like angled aluminum back casing and an HD display. The device is also strongly rumored to incorporate a dual-core processor in this dramatically redesigned form factor, apart from an 8 mega-pixel camera, a dual LED flash and NFC capabilities.

If you come across any more of these design concepts relating to iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S, please do share with us in the comments section below!

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