PlayStation app for iOS and Android gets a new design, voice chat, PS Store and more

Sony has introduced a new, redesigned PlayStation app for both iOS and Android with the purpose of ”introducing new ways to amplify your connections with friends and the games you love to play even when you’re away from your console”. The new app features voice chat, PS store integration, exclusive PS features, and a complete redesign of the entire app.

The updated PS app will begin its roll-out globally today on Android (6.0 or later) and iOS (12.2 or later) devices. The PlayStation app will have a smoother experience presented in an all-new design along with voice chats and group/party chats.

PlayStation App

The new PlayStation app redesigned to enhance gaming experience

According to the PlayStation blog, they have updated the user interface making it easy and quick to access various features. After opening the app, a redesigned smooth new user interface can be seen which allows users to quickly access details about recently played games and what games friends are playing at the moment.

Apart from that, the external PS Messages app has been removed and has been included in the PS app so that everything is in one place and easily accessible. The existing threads and messages in PS Messages will be carried over to the updated PS app.

Moving over to the voice chat and party groups – the PS app will allow users to create a party and voice chat with up to 15 other friends.

Once the PlayStation 5 arrives, owners will have the ability to remotely access and launch games, manage storage on the console and quickly sign in to PS5 via the PS app. The PS Store gives a smooth yet fast experience by having the feature to download games remotely to the PS5 and PS4.

PlayStation App

With the launch of PS5 approximately two weeks away, this redesigned app has users excited to try out the new console as soon as it launches. Sony is working on giving the PlayStation owners the freedom to manage their consoles without having to make direct contact with them.

PlayStation App

If someone is planning to use the PlayStation app, a PS network account is a must. Users can create one here.

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