How to change your home page in Firefox

Firefox homepage – sometimes referred to as a start page or home screen – is the first page you see when you launch Mozilla’s Firefox Internet browser.

The homepage can be customized to load a specific website, a variety of Firefox widgets showing most-visited sites, etc. The function works more or less the same whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device, just with a slightly different design and layout. Follow this step-by-step guide to change your Firefox homepage on a desktop.

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How to change your home page in Firefox

  1. First, open Firefox. In any window, click the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines), and select Options on a desktop machine.
  2. In the Options or Preferences tab, click Home and look for the New Windows And Tabs section.
  3. Next, in the drop-down menu beside Homepage And New Windows, select Custom URLs. In the text box that appears below, enter the address of the website you’d like to use as your default home page.
  4. You can also click Use Current Page to set the page you last visited before opening Options or Preferences as your home page, or you can click Use Bookmark to choose a site from your bookmarks.
  5. If you want to use more than one page as your home page, you can enter multiple website addresses into the text field, separating each of them with a pipe character (|). For example|
  6. When Firefox launches (or a new window opens), every page specified will appear as a tab within that window. Once you’re finished, close the Options or Preferences tab, and your settings will be saved.

The next time you open Firefox, you will see the web page or pages you just set. You can also visit your home page or tabs at any time by clicking the tiny house icon in the Firefox toolbar.

We hope this guide helps you out.

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