Next Apple TV would be called iTV, will have Apps but no support for 1080p Video

Back in May, Engadget reported that Apple is planning to make some changes to Apple TV as the device would run iOS just like other iDevices and it would be capable of 1080p videos at a cost of $100. Today Engadget has some more information on Apple TV but this time, things are a little bit different as it look like Apple has changed their plans.

appletvnew3 Apple will change the name of the device from Apple TV to iTV. It will not support 1080p videos probably because the A4 ARM Chip does not have the power to handle 1080p video, although the specs on ARM Cortex A8 Processors show that it is possible. It would support 720p video. The device would be small in size as its specs would be like other iOS devices and may have support for cloud storage. The cost of the device is still rumored to be $99.

Changing the name of Apple TV to iTV also shows that the device would run iOS just like other iDevices although common sense says that it will be different as it wont be designed around touch displays. iOS will get apps from the App store and will run a variant of iOS. According to Engadget, iTV may make its debut later this year.

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