Next iPhone 4 is in Final Testing Stage and iPhone 5 is at ‘Engineering Verification Test’ Stage [Rumor]

We have heard many rumors before about the Verizon iPhone 4 to ship in the early part of next year. This iPhone would is expected to have only a few changes but would be like iPhone 4. Recently Boy Genius Report reported that one solid source from Apple has told them that next version of iPhone 4 which is internally known as “iPhone3,2” is currently in final field testing stage which shows that it might launch in the coming months.


One of our solid Apple sources has just let us know some pretty interesting (and exciting) information surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone devices. For starters, we have been told that iPhone model 3,2 – what everyone is assuming to be the Verizon (or at least CDMA-compatible) phone – just hit the “AP” testing stage. This is the very last stage before retail release; final hardware, almost final software.

It is expected that this slightly tweaked version of iPhone 4 would launch with Verizon. BGR has mentioned that the source has told them iPhone3,2 has a SIM card slot just like the current iPhone 4 which is not required with a CDMA phone. BGR has also given some possibilities of the existence of this SIM card slot.

  • The iPhone 3,2 could be the mythical CDMA + GSM/HSPA device that would support Verizon, AT&T, and the other current worldwide iPhone 4 carriers frequencies. The mid-cycle refresh would bring an updated antenna design for the current iPhone 4 and bring CDMA-compatibility; essentially, Verizon Wireless subscribers would have the same device as AT&T subscribers.
  • The iPhone 3,2 could be a CDMA-capable iPhone that houses a SIM card for global roaming capabilities; though that certainly seems more complicated than just having one single glove that would fit both hands.
  • One last possibility that the iPhone model 3,2 would simply be a slightly different design that doesn’t suffer from the same antenna attenuation as the current model; though that would be a little disappointing.

Apart from this, BGR’s source also indicates that iPhone 5 is is “engineering verification test” (EVT) stage. On the other hand, the CDMA iPhone 4 was in the same stage in May.

[via BGR]

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