Nvidia issues emergency hotfix for Windows 11 high CPU usage bug

Following the March driver update (version 531.18), many users faced high CPU usage on their Windows 11 systems with Nvidia graphics. Nvidia confirmed the high CPU usage problem and promised to fix it with an emergency hotfix.

Nvidia hotfix

A bug in Nvidia GeForce Driver version 531.18 appears to cause high CPU usage

As per reports on Reddit, the GeForce driver update (531.18) released on 28 February, appears to cause high CPU usage for some PC gamers. Now, Nvidia officials have launched a hotfix for the high CPU usage bug for GeForce driver version 531.18.

The bug caused Nvidia’s Display Container Service service to utilize up to 15 percent of the CPU. This bug made laptops overheat very quickly which led to performance issues and battery draining, which made major problems for all these laptops.


After investigating these problems it showed that Nvidia Display Container Service caused those issues. Nvidia official explained that this service handles some display tasks, including GeForce Experience features and showing the icon in the notification area.

The new hotfix drivers (531.26) will solve these issues, with Nvidia Container no longer hogging the CPU when logging in or when a game is closed.

However, Display Container Service is actually not that important, so ending the service using Task Manager won’t GeForce Experience and Nvidia’s notification.

Furthermore, if the hotfix doesn’t work then rolling back to an older version of the GeForce driver seems the best option and we made a guide on how to roll back the Nvidia driver to fix problems.

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