Office For Mac And Lion To Get Full Screen, Auto Save And Versioning

Microsoft’s Office for Mac department has announced they will release an update to Office for Mac, that will have full screen, auto-save and versioning support. Together with this update, they will also be fixing other small issues. One issue is importing data from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft hasn’t said if they’re going to fix this, but they said they’re evaluating it.

Office For Mac

According to Microsoft, Office for Mac 2004 will not be supported in Lion, as it was developed for PowerPC based computers, which Lion no longer supports. Microsoft has not commented on release dates, but they did say that it would probably take “months not days”.

Microsoft has been developing products for the Mac since its birth. Many years ago, when Safari did not exist, Microsoft used to create Internet Explorer for the platform. But, once Safari came to life, Microsoft decided to kill Internet Explorer for the Macintosh.

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