Opera Browser brings new AI Prompts, ChatGPT in sidebar and more to Mac

Opera Browser now offers new artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools on Mac to transform their web browsing experience. Updated Opera Browser features new AI Prompts and a sidebar with access to ChatGPT and ChatSonic on macOS. New changes are also available on Opera GX.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser brings the new generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT to Mac

Based on Generative, AI-based services (often known as Artificial Intelligence-Generated Content, or AIGC), the new AI Prompts can shorten or explain long texts, suggest relevant content based on users reading history, and it even craft witty tweets. 

The ‘AI Prompts’ is accessible directly from the address bar of the browser or when text is highlighted.

AI Prompts is your new, go-to tool to interpret, to summarize, and to explore the web, offering you an experience that’s tailored to your interests and needs.

Opera Browser

Furthermore, the new Opera Browser has integrated popular GPT-based chatbots in its sidebar. Users can access the web version of ChatGPT directly in the sidebar to seek assistance on a variety of queries and issues, generate ideas, and translations, write code, learn music, and so much more. ChatSonic can create images.

Apple has not announced plans to natively support ChatGPT on iOS and macOS. But Opera Browser is bringing that experience to Mac users. Previously, developer Jordi Bruin created the MacGPT app that reproduces all the options on the ChatGPT website so Mac users can converse with the chatbot.

However, users are required to create accounts on both AI services to access the chatbots on the browser.

Altogether, the new AIGC tools offer a portal to a more personal and intelligent web – one that provides solutions to your specific needs. Do note that in order to use the AIGC tools in the sidebar, you’ll have to create accounts with the respective services or log in with your existing account, if you already have one.

To enjoy all the new AI features, users need to upgrade their Opera Browser or download it from www.opera.com.

ChatGPT created by OpenAI is a generative AI that interacts with humans in a conversational way to answer their queries, admit mistakes, reject requests, and more.

In a short time, the new chatbot has gained immense popularity. Microsoft added support for ChatGPT in the Edge browser, along with Carrot Weather for iOS. Even Google has launched Bard, ChatGPT’s competitor.

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