Apple releases OS X El Capitan dev beta 8 and public beta 6

OS X El Capitan developer beta 8, build 15A279b, and public beta 6 have been released to users. OS X 10.11 dev beta 7 was released 2 weeks ago, along with the public beta update.

OS X El Capitan dev beta 8 and public beta 6

El Capitan developer beta 8 weighs in at 2.47GB. Apple has not shared a change log in the release but has recommended the update for all existing users. However, it is likely that Apple is in the final stages of development on El Capitan and the release includes bug fixes. El Capitan will ship with improved performance, better battery life, new windows snapping, improvements to Mission Control, Mail, Safari and more. OS X 10.11 will fix the complains that users had from Yosemite in terms of performance and bugs. As developer beta users, we can confirm that this will be a must have update.

OS X 10.11 El Capitan

The update can be downloaded by going to the Mac App Store and checking the Updates tab in the toolbar. Alternatively, users can also download the update from the Apple Developer Center. Users who are interested in the public beta can sign up to Apple’s Beta Software Program to register and download the beta releases.

Apple’s next event is on September 9 and it is likely that OS X El Capitan general release will be announced then. Stay tuned for iTD’s coverage of the event as well as Apple’s live video stream.

We are downloading dev beta 8 and will update this post with the latest changes in the release.

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