Outlook for Mac is now free for all users

Microsoft has announced that it will now be making Outlook for Mac available for free for all users. A Microsoft 365 subscription will not be required for users to use the app, and enjoy its email, calendar, and contacts features.

The company already offers Outlook for iPhone and iPad for free for all users, which allows them to use not only their Microsoft email accounts, but also Gmail, Yahoo, and other IMAP services.

Outlook for Mac

Get Outlook for Mac for free

Outlook for Mac was redesigned a while back with a new design optimized for macOS. The app also received native support for Apple Silicon, enabling it to perform much better than it did on Intel Macs. Since then, Microsoft has also been adding macOS features such as notification center widgets and notifications.

Microsoft also shared that while users can download Outlook for Mac from Microsoft, users have to install it from Mac App Store to take advantage of Handoff – an Apple feature that lets users continue tasks in apps between a Mac and iOS device.

Outlook Handoff with iOS

The company also used this opportunity to announce a number of features that it is working on, which include the following:

  • Menu bar peek which will allow users to glance at their calendar right from the macOS menu bar.Outlook for Mac widgets menu bar peek
  • Outlook Profiles will connect a user’s email accounts to Apple’s Focus feature in macOS. This will ensure that users do not get any notifications from their personal email accounts when they are at work, as long as they have Focus configured.Outlook Focus Profiles

Alongside the new upcoming features, users can download the app now and take advantage of the following features:

  • View all emails in a single inbox
  • Focused Inbox to only see important emails
  • Pin messages to keep important emails at the top of your inbox
  • Snooze non-urgent emails
  • Swipe gestures to triage through email quickly
  • My Day sidebar which allows users to see their calendar, upcoming calendar events, and more
  • Read and delivery receipts
  • Send later
  • Email templates

While the app is completely free, Microsoft allows users to purchase in-app subscriptions to its Microsoft 365 service starting from $6.99 per month.

If you have been looking for a good email app for your Mac, you cannot go wrong with Outlook. It is much better than Apple’s own Mail app for macOS, and compared to other subscription-based email apps like Spark, it is now free, which gives it a major advantage. It also offers features and polish that very few competitors offer.

Download Outlook for Mac from Mac App Store

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