Steve Jobs says Over-The-Air HD Video Uploads Coming ‘In The Future’ to iPhone 4 [SteveMail]

iPhone 4 has many unique new features which were not in the previous generations of iPhone. One of its important new features is to record high definition videos in 720p. You can also edit your videos right in iPhone 4 with iMovie. But to upload HD video to the Internet, users need to connect their iPhone to a computer. If anybody shares their video directly from their iPhone via email , MMS or shares it to YouTube, because of  video compression the video looses its quality.


A MacDailyNews reader emailed Steve Jobs about this issues and expressed his disappointment with the inability of iPhone 4 to upload its video directly:

I’m a HUGE fan of your products… MBP, Ipad 64gb WIFI, 2 iphone 3g’s and now 2 iphone 4’s… but I have a complaint… What’s the point of building in HD video capabilities when the compression upon uploading directly to youtube makes the video’s useless and not viewable? They’re not even remotely viewable!! I was so excited about this feature on the Iphone 4, but sadly to say, this is a serious disappointment. In today’s world, HD video is pointless if I can’t upload it “as is” directly to the net.
Please fix this issue.

Steve Jobs replied, as always a very short but positive reply.

You can upload them via a Mac or PC today. Over the air in the future.
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As in all the emails Steve Jobs tried to keep their customers happy but he just said “over the air in the future”, so no time period was defined. In my opinion, uploading HD videos via 3G would be a lot more problematic for the carrier rather than for Apple. With this reply we can hope that over the air HD video upload will be available soon via Wifi only. And as far as 3G is concerned, I think it would take a lot more time.

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