Overcast 2 for iOS goes free, gets streaming, audio improvements and more

When it comes to Podcasts on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, nothing matches Overcast. With version 2, Overcast has gone free and almost become unbeatable at that price along with features such as smart speed and voice boost. The update also ships with new features such as streaming, a new storage manager, chapters, social directory, 3D Touch, and much more.

Overcast 2 for iOS goes free, gets streaming, audio improvements and more

For a free app, Overcast 2 has a ton of features. Compared to Apple’s own Podcast app, Overcast 2 really takes the lead. With an Apple Watch app to add (watchOS 2 version not available yet), this is a complete product for the avid podcast listener.

Here is the complete change log:

  • Podcasts streaming
  • New storage manager which shows how much space each podcast consumes and optionally┬ádelete them
  • Smart Speed is smarter and adapts to quieter noises
  • Voice Boost has received enhancements
  • Chapters support for podcasts
  • Social directory for podcast recommendations
  • 3D Touch support only for launch actions
  • Updated Apple Watch app with faster┬ácommunication
  • Bug fixes, performance improvements and other minor features which can be found here

As a regular podcasts follower, I highly recommend this app for all iOS users.

Download Overcast 2 for iOS


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