Pangu jailbreak version 1.1 for iOS 9.3.3 released with embedded certificate option

Pangu team has released version 1.1 of their jailbreak app for iOS 9.3.3, with a new ’embedded certificate’ option. This option lets users install the Pangu app using a revoked signed certificate that is valid until April 2017 and does not require users to reinstall the jailbreak app after every 7 days.Pangu jailbreak version 1.1 for iOS 9.3.3The process to install Pangu 1.1 is almost the same as it was for previous releases when using a computer. You have to make sure to download the new NvwaStone_1.1.ipa when installing. You can read our Pangu jailbreak guide to follow the steps. During installation, make sure that you check the option which says ‘Use embedded certificate effective until April 2017‘, to get the extended jailbreak validity. However, if you want to use your own certificate, keep the embedded certificate option unchecked. If you already have an iOS device jailbroken by Pangu 1.0, to upgrade to Pangu 1.1, simply download the update and re-jailbreak your device. This should update the Pangu app to 1.1 on your device.

Make sure that you backup your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch before jailbreaking. As this is a new update, it might contain bugs that we are not aware of yet so solutions might be difficult to find. We also recommend that you try jailbreaking using Safari on your iOS device which is a much easier method and also gives you a 1-year certificate.

It is important to mention that Pangu 1.1 also removes the 25PP store which was linked to some security concerns recently. While it’s still not clear what exactly was the reason behind the security issues, it is good to see that the 25PP store is removed as it was mostly useless for non-Chinese users.

Download Pangu 1.1

P.S. Check out our troubleshooting guide to fix common Pangu jailbreak related issues that you might run into on your iOS devices.

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