Paper for iPad Updated – Introduces Cool New Color Mixer and Support for Pogo Connect Bluetooth Stylus

FiftyThree has released a new update to its popular drawing app for iPad, Paper, adding some improvements and new features. which include a very cool color mixer, new color palettes and support for Pogo Connect Bluetooth stylus.

Paper App for iPad

The new color mixer allows users to mix different colors and shades to create their own custom palettes while the new natural blending technology makes color mixing look and feel just like it should. For example, mixing yellow and blue will create green color. In the new circular mixer, users can tap a color to select it for mixing and then swipe in clockwise direction to mix the colors and in anti-clockwise to un-mix them. Long press to save the color you have just created to save to custom color slots. The video below demonstrates the new mixer and color palettes:

This update for Paper also brings support for Pogo Connect Bluetooth stylus giving a sense of pressure sensitive control without any calibration required. This is great news for artists who can consider the iPad as a serious creation device.


Paper for iPad is available for free in the App Store with the new palettes while the mixer upgrade is available as an in-app purchase for $1.99.

Paper app for iPad (App Store Link)

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