More parts leaked for newest iPad and iPhone 5 [Report]

Parts for Apple’s newest devices have leaked today, showing parts for a new iPad and new iPhone model. The folks over at iFixYouri have taken a look at the parts and have provided some descriptions for what is being shown in the pictures. The parts are a cabling system used for the power button, the volume buttons and the rotation/mute switch. The folks at iFixYouri say these parts look to be made with the same materials as the iPad 2, but the location of the buttons has changed. Follow along with our images below for more:

The above image shows a close up view of the rotation lock/mute switch (B3), the Volume up/Down buttons (B1 & B4), and the Power Button (B1).

The above image shows a close up of the Volume Up (B2) and Volume Down buttons (B3)

The above image here shows the back of the cable, full size.

There was also a part leak for the iPhone5 as well, showing the iPhone 5’s proximity sensor. The difference for the iPhone 5 part is that the mic is not on this cable, so it must be somewhere else.

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[via 9to5mac]

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