Send and Reply to Tweets using TwitkaFly right from your Springboard [jailbreak tweak]

TwitkaFly is a jailbreak app that allows a user to send and reply to tweets right from the springboard, without having to open the twitter or tweetbot app on their iOS device. The app works on any jailbroken device with iOS 4 or higher, including iPod, iPhone and the iPad.

It has an impressive amount of features as well:

  • Quick Tweet from SpringBoard using Activator
  • Quick Reply to Twitter or Tweetbot push notifications’ mentions
  • Landscape Mode for iPad
  • Unique Notification UI
  • Tweet from Lockscreen
  • Open link from tweets
  • #NowPlayingTrack tweet
  • Only One twitter account support
  • Blacklist and whitelist users and more
The app can be downloaded from Cydia and will cost you $1.99. If you truly are a twitter addict, then this would be a no brainer purchase. Because it is only available through Cydia, you will need to be jailbroken, you can follow our guides here:

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