Peloton reverses its previous decision and continues to support Apple GymKit integration

Peloton initially planned to remove GymKit support but reversed course due to customer backlash. GymKit integration will continue on Bike+ and other compatible machines.


Peloton acknowledges the value of seamless data syncing between your Apple Watch and Peloton workouts

In early February 2024, Peloton announced the removal of GymKit integration from its bikes and treadmills, which surprised users. GymKit is a feature that enables Apple Watch users to automatically send workout data like heart rate, calories burned, and distance to the Peloton app and Apple Health.

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Members were disappointed and frustrated with this decision, as they had come to rely on the convenience and accuracy of GymKit. Negative reactions flooded social media, and online forums were flooded with concerned discussions.

Peloton recognized the importance of member sentiment and responded to the backlash. Within a week of the initial announcement, the company issued a statement announcing its decision to retain GymKit support.

After listening to Members’ feedback about discontinuing Apple GymKit integration for Bike+, we have decided to continue offering Apple GymKit integration. As a Member-first company, we are always grateful to our Members for sharing their views.

The GymKit saga has broader implications for the future of fitness technology. As wearables become increasingly popular, seamless data sharing across platforms becomes crucial for users seeking a holistic view of their health and fitness data.

Peloton’s initial decision to remove GymKit could be interpreted as a step away from open integration, causing concern among users invested in multi-device ecosystems. However, the swift reversal reflects a course correction and prioritizes user experience, ensuring smooth data flow between Peloton and Apple devices.

The decision to retain GymKit is a positive step towards open integration and user-centric development within the fitness technology landscape. It highlights the importance of listening to member feedback and responding to community concerns.

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