Google Messages soon to add an edit message option

Recent reports suggest that Google Messages may soon receive an edit message feature, allowing users to easily modify sent texts.

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Google Messages edit feature confirmed: AssembleDebug tries it out

In November 2023, developers discovered code within a beta version of the Google Messages app that hinted at the possibility of an edit message function. This code included user interface elements, edit history capabilities, and systems for processing edited messages. The news quickly spread across tech news platforms, leading to hopes that Google was actively developing this feature.

Now, AssembleDebug reports successfully activating the Google Messages’ edit message feature by flipping specific flags in the beta version. They showcase how the feature allows users to edit sent messages within a timeframe and provides details about potential implementation choices.

The editing feature works by long pressing a messages in the RCS chat, a pencil icon appears on the top action row. Tapping the pencil icon opens the text editing box with a heading “Editing message”. Once you done editing, just hit enter/send button to send the messages.

Google Messages Edit message option

AssembleDebug also notes that to ensure the editing feature works correctly, other users should have the feature enabled as well. If it’s not enabled for them, they won’t see the edited messages correctly. Also, please note that editing is only available for messages sent within the last 30 minutes.

Seems like other people should have the feature enabled as well to make editing feature work properly because they will not see the edited messages correctly if it’s not enabled for them. Also, be aware that editing is only available for messages sent within the last 30 minutes.

While this hands-on experience confirms the feature’s existence and functionality, Google hasn’t officially announced its release date or broader availability. It’s likely still undergoing internal testing before a public rollout.

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