TikTok is now natively available on Vision Pro

TikTok has released its first native app for the Apple Vision Pro. Unlike the mobile version, the Vision Pro app has been designed to make the most of virtual and augmented reality technology.

TikTok Vision Pro

TikTok users can use hand gestures and head movements to swipe, like, and comment on posts

The Vision Pro app provides a full-screen view of users’ personalized “For You” feed, without any navigation bars or buttons to distract them.

Users can control the app using hand gestures and head movements, which makes it easy to swipe, like, and comment on posts without breaking the immersive experience. The app also has side panels that give users quick access to creator profiles and comments, which makes it even more user-friendly.


TikTok’s launch comes a few weeks after confirming its development. This demonstrates the growing interest in VR/AR as a social platform, setting a precedent for others to follow. TikTok’s adoption of Vision Pro enriches the platform’s ecosystem with immersive experiences.

We’ve designed a new TikTok experience for the Apple Vision Pro!

I’m really proud of my team for this one. While many app developers have ditched the Apple Vision Pro, my team has redesigned the entire TikTok experience from the ground up! This was a master-class in product development and I’m certain most other big tech companies wouldn’t have been able to turn it around the way we did. Excited to share the details with you over the next few weeks.

While popular platforms like YouTube and Netflix haven’t released dedicated Vision Pro apps yet, TikTok’s move could encourage others.

The TikTok app for Apple Vision Pro is now available for download on the Vision Pro App Store. However, users should use it responsibly and take breaks when needed. They should also be mindful of their surroundings while enjoying the app’s immersive features.

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