Apple removed SharePlay feature from the HomePod in the latest iOS 17.4 and tvOS 17.4 betas

Apple has removed the SharePlay feature from the HomePod in the latest iOS 17.4 and tvOS 17.4 betas. Apple hasn’t given a reason for removing the feature, but it’s likely still under development and will be added back in a future update.



SharePlay for HomePod: Why was it removed?

SharePlay was introduced in iOS 17, allowing users to share music, movies, and other content during FaceTime calls. Apple had also been working on a HomePod version of SharePlay, which would have allowed participants to control Apple Music playback directly on the speaker using their iPhones.

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However, the HomePod version of SharePlay was removed from the early betas of iOS 17.4 and tvOS 17.4, and there has been no official explanation from Apple. There are several possible reasons for the removal, including:

  • Technical challenges: Integrating SharePlay with HomePod and ensuring smooth playback might have encountered unforeseen technical issues.
  • User experience concerns: Early versions might have lacked accessibility for non-Apple Music users, faced UI/UX challenges, or raised privacy concerns when managing playlists with multiple participants.
  • Strategic shifts: Apple might have prioritized other features or planned to integrate SharePlay with future services, necessitating temporary removal.

It’s important to note that this information is based on available reports and not official from Apple. While these are possible reasons for the removal, they are informed guesses and not confirmed explanations.

Removing SharePlay from HomePod doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the feature. Apple is known for refining its features before wider releases, so we can expect to see the feature potentially reappear in future beta iterations or even in the official launch of iOS 17.4 and tvOS 17.4.

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