Apple’s new ‘Personal Safety User Guide’ amid rising AirTag concerns

Apple has published a new Personal Safety User Guide amid rising concerns of its AirTags being used to stalk people or steal properly. The guide details how users can keep themselves and their personal data safe while using AirTags, iPhones, and other products.

Apple Personal Safety User Guide

Apple releases new ‘Personal Safety User Guide’

The tech giant says its Personal Safety User Guide for Apple Devices is a resource for “anyone who is concerned about or experiencing technology-enabled abuse, stalking, or harassment.” The guide says it can help users “sever digital ties with those you no longer want to be connected to”, as well as outlining safety features that are built into Apple’s products.

The guide focuses on several areas including examples where users may have given access to their personal information to another user or if someone has access to the user’s devices and made changes without their consent.

Other tips include controlling who can access your location, blocking unknown sign-in attempts, setting up two-factor authentication, managing privacy settings, and more.

Offering quick checklists and in-depth feature tasks, this resource is designed to help customers experiencing technology-enabled abuse, stalking, or harassment understand the options available across the Apple ecosystem that can help you protect your personal safety. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to remove someone’s access to information you previously granted—like location data in the Find My app, meetings you’ve shared in Calendar, and more. It also highlights features You can use to enhance your personal safety—like how to automatically let a friend know when you’ve arrived home safely and how to quickly engage Emergency SOS.

Apple will be updating the guide on a regular basis with the latest tips for personal safety. It further notes that the instructions apply primarily to devices running the latest version of its operating system with additional details also provided for other products.

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