Photovine Application Released By Google For iPhone

Google has released their Photovine application for iPhone.

Photovine is a new social photo sharing application, currently only available by invitation for iOS users. The purpose of the application is to “plant a photo,” and then “watch it grow”. The way this service works is that you (or someone else) create a caption, and then upload a photo along with it. Then others can see your ‘vine’ and take their own picture and share it.


The Photovine service was first announced on Tuesday, and today Google has launched a beta version as an iPhone app on the App Store, together with the app they have shared a teaser (check below) and shown how people can use the service. Very surprisingly, Google has used iPhones to demonstrate the app in both the video and the website, and the iPhone is first to get the app before Android.

You can request an invitation here on the official Photovine website. Be sure to be quick, before they’re all gone!

All in all, the application seems fun to use and play around with. However, not everyone may want to use an application like this, where everyone can see your uploaded pictures before you know. But then again, you are the one to make the decision to upload the picture. (via 9to9Mac)