Piriform Releases first Beta of CCleaner for Mac today

Many Windows users are most likely very familiar with the application, CCleaner. As a Windows and Mac user myself, I love this program. But always wondered why it hadn’t made it to the Mac. Well, today is all of your lucky day. CCleaner for Mac is available as a beta from Piriform today.

Piriform Releases first Beta of CCleaner for Mac today

According to the release notes from this version for Mac, it contains the following:

1. Safari Cleaning (History, Cookies, etc.)

2. Firefox Cleaning (History, Cookies, etc.)

3. Clean out trash, recent files and servers.

4. Clean Temp Folder

You can find some screenshots below:

Piriform Releases first Beta of CCleaner for Mac today
CCleaner for Mac
So, if you are as big of a fan as I am for this software, go download your copy today here. Just remember that this is a beta release, so use at your own risk. It also has less features than the Windows version, but you can rest assured that features will constantly be added to this software the further it get’s in Beta and once it is released.
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