More iCloud details emerge, service will need subscription

With WWDC coming up on Monday, details are exploding in the press about what is to come and what Apple will be announcing. We know for sure that iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud will be the source of the events on Monday.

More iCloud details emerge, service will need subscription

More details about Apple’s iCloud service have emerged. Details are that it will be similar to how Amazon runs things, giving you a free year (maybe month with Apple) of service if you buy music and store it there. However, they will also have subscriptions that we are hearing will run for $25 a year, which is fairly reasonable, considering we still don’t know how much space will be allocated per user.

We are hoping Apple adds the functionality of being able to scan a users iTunes library and upload your music to the cloud. This may just be the Amazon Cloud killer or even the Google Music Beta killer. We can only hope Apple has taken it’s time with this product, unlike Mobile Me.

We will keep you up to date on Monday with the happenings from WWDC so stay tuned here for more.

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