Apple iOS 5 being field tested with App Store Applications

App Store developer FutureTap just revealed that they have received their first crash report from an iOS 5 device. This means that Apple is currently field-testing their next-generation mobile operating system that runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with applications from the App Store. The application apparently crashed in iOS 5, which gave them this report.  Apparently the API that crashed deals with the maps and location functionality of the device.

I am also assuming the above error report came from an iPhone 4, unless Apple has test iPhone 5’s out as well.  This could have also come from an iPhone 4S that was given to developers by Apple last week.  Which wouldn’t be a surprise, and shouldn’t be to anyone.

What this means for developers is that Apple may have changed the API’s for the new iOS for maps and location services.  iOS 5 is expected to be unveiled at WWDC in June and is set to release with the new iPhone 5 in September.

[via 9to5mac]

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