Plex testing TV app integration across Apple ecosystem

Plex is testing integration with the Apple TV app, as per TestFlight users who received the latest beta update. The Apple TV app offers quick access to favorite, recently played, and recommended content across various sources on a device. Which makes it easier to browse content.

Plex is an ad-supported streaming service that offers free movies and TV. The service can even be used to watch the news or to listen to podcasts. To use the service as a platform to watch live TV, users can connect an HD antenna and a tuner. If a hard drive is added, the service can also work as a DVR platform.

Plex testing TV app integration across iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV

Podcaster Will Sigmon recently discovered that Plex’s TestFlight beta released includes support for Apple TV app integration. Note that Sigmon said the content from his personal server was no showing up consistently on the app.

According to a Reddit user claiming to be a Plex employee, only on-demand content will be integrated into the TV app. A user’s personal content will not be accessible due to piracy concerns.

“This feature will only work with our free on demand movies and TV shows. We’d love to integrate personal media as well but that’s not technically possible for a couple reasons. To make this work we provide Apple with a list of content we have available for streaming. As detailed in our privacy policy, we don’t know what content our users have in their personal media libraries.”


Since Plex’s TestFlight program is currently at full capacity, the integration cannot be accessed. When released, the Apple TV app will require version 7.14 of the Plex app or later. Since the app is currently in beta testing, we do not know the timeframe for a public release.

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