Pokémon Go 1.3 fixes Pokeball bugs and tests Nearby Pokémon feature called Sightings

Pokémon Go has received a new update, version 1.3, which brings fixes and accuracy improvements for Pokeball throws, adds new dialog to discourage playing when driving over a certain speed, enables the ability to change Trainer nickname and more.

Niantic, the developers behind the game, have been working hard at implementing feedback from players, whilst adding new gameplay enhancements and fixing bugs. This new update continues on that trend and implements a number of fixes for a few known bugs.

Here is everything new in version 1.3:

  • In the previous major update, version 1.1, Niantic added dialog boxes which discouraged users to not trespass or drive while playing the game. With this release, Trainers are reminded again to not drive while playing and they must confirm they are not doing so to continue playing the game. The game detects when the user is moving above a certain speed to recognize that the player must be driving and shows the dialog.
  • Pokeball throws have received some much-needed improvements. Curveball throws have improved accuracy now while a bug that prevented ‘nice’, ‘great’ and ‘excellent’ throws from getting extra XP has been fixed. Niantic was also working on a fix for Pokémon escaping throws more often than before, even low CP ones, but it seems that the fix has not included in this update.
  • Trainers can now change their nickname once, after choosing it the first time when they register.
  • Battery saver mode has been re-enabled and works fine on iOS devices now.
  • Visuals of the three Team leaders, Candela, Blanche, and Spark, have been added.
  • ‘Nearby Pokémon’ feature is making a comeback in the form of ‘Sightings’. It is available for only a few users for now during testing. If all goes well, it will be rolled out to all users in the future.
  • Achievements were showing incorrect Medal icons. This has been fixed.

Pokémon Go 1.3 fixes pokeball bugs and tests Nearby Pokémon feature called Sightings

Pokémon Go version 1.10 was released more than a week back with user interface changes, gameplay improvements, warning dialogues for trespassing or playing while driving, Trainer customization, improved Gym animations and much more.

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