Pokémon Go releases bonus Field Research task, buddy gifts and new avatar items

Pokémon Go has received some interesting new updates this week. Trainers can purchase new avatar items in the Shop, complete mid-night Field Research tasks, and send gifts to fellow trainers via their Pokémon buddy. Niantic, the developer behind the game, is always releasing new and exciting game updates and items to keep trainers wanting more.

Pokémon Go Mid-night Field Research tasks

Trainers will receive a bonus Field Research task daily at mid-night without spinning a PokéStop. These bonus tasks are different from PokéStop Field Research tasks and are designed to be completed at home. The tasks will be available in the ‘Open Field Research’ slot. In case all slots are occupied, an additional fourth slot will open automatically to deliver the task. Trainers will not receive the bonus task if all four slots are filled.

Since the activities are created to be completed indoors, therefore the time of release is mid-night. In the testing phase, the mid-night bonus tasks were only released once to a few trainers, which created a little ruckus.

Receive and Send Gifts via Buddies

Putting their buddy Pokémon up for some chores, trainers will be able to send them to fetch gifts from nearby PokéStops. As soon as the trainer runs low on gifts supply, his/her Pokémon buddy of any level will be able to get more. When the buddy returns with goodies, a notification will appear on top of its avatar to let the trainer know.

Without restricting the trainers to a particular buddy level, Niantic has found a convenient way to not only strengthen buddies and trainers but also fellow trainers bond by sending gifts.


The game’s shop was also updated with new avatars items like pants, caps and more so your virtual self does not run out of style.


Recently, Nianitc enabled players with remote raid pass to join any raid battle by tapping on the map or a Near By screen.

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