Pokémon Go trainers can now join any Raid Battle with a Remote Raid Pass

In a new update, Niantic has empowered Pokémon Go trainers to join any raid battle. Players can join any Raid Battle from the Nearby screen, or by tapping on the map. Level 40 trainers require a Remote Raid Pass to join the Raid Battle. Niantic, the developer, expanded the feature to level 40 within minutes after its roll out for level 5 trainers. In an official tweet, the company announced that the ability to join any battle place will gradually be extended to more levels.

Pokémon Go Raid Battle

In the game, trainers indulge in battles to capture or defend their Pokémon at a tower-like place called the Gym. When a strong Pokémon, Raid Boss, takes over a Gym, that’s when a Raid battle is fought between defending and raiding teams. But unlike Gym Battles, Raid Battles have a higher difficulty level. Therefore, defending trainer needs help of fellow trainers from the same team to defeat the conquering Pokémon and to maintain dominance over that Gym.

Pokemon Go

Ranging from one as the least, and five as the highest, Raids are categorized in five tiers. The higher the difficulty, the stronger is the Raid Boss. Thus, team work is imperative in Raid battles because victory without a strong team will be impossible. The rewards for victorious teams are opportunities to capture that Pokémon and earn special items.

Niantic has made it easy for trainers with the Remote Raid Passes to join their team members in Raid battles from the Nearby screen in the game, or by tapping on the map. Remote Raid Passes can be purchased via the in-game shop. Read all about raid battles and raid passes here.

With the release of new Raid Battles and Remote Raid Pass, trainers can purchase balls and berries to lure creatures running in the wild, for a minimum price. The offer is valid till May 4th, 2020.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game like no other. It took the world by surprise when it released in 2016 and is a favorite till date. So if want to indulge in a world of capturing Pokémon in real time, read this complete guide to familiarize yourself with the game play. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, and can be download for free from the below links.

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