Possible iPhone HD/4G was a Japanese iPhone clone

Yesterday we saw some images of an iPhone which looked like a prototype of the iPhone HD/4G that would be unveiled by Apple this summer. But today applesfera revealed that it was a Japanese clone of iPhone as their reader contacted them with some pictorial proof.

Our reader Ivan Meneses has contacted us to tell us that this supposed new iPhone is actually a Japanese clone, which he is due to a relative who brought it from Japan. I leave the photo you sent us ( thanks Ivan! )

This surely would finish the mystery that how could an iPhone 4G prototype reach San Jose bar? Another interesting thing about this iPhone clone is that I googled about this iPhone clone with such specifications but found no info of it.

[via Macrumors]

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  1. If it is a clone, it is a very good clone. Better yet if it runs the iPhone OS and can sync with iTunes that would be very cool. I wonder if someone tried to attach it to a computer and sync. That would be a better way of proving or disproving this rumor.

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