Possible iPhone HD/4G was a Japanese iPhone clone

Yesterday we saw some images of an iPhone which looked like a prototype of the iPhone HD/4G that would be unveiled by Apple this summer. But today applesfera revealed that it was a Japanese clone of iPhone as their reader contacted them with some pictorial proof.

iphone4 engadget

Our reader Ivan Meneses has contacted us to tell us that this supposed new iPhone is actually a Japanese clone, which he is due to a relative who brought it from Japan. I leave the photo you sent us ( thanks Ivan! )

This surely would finish the mystery that how could an iPhone 4G prototype reach San Jose bar? Another interesting thing about this iPhone clone is that I googled about this iPhone clone with such specifications but found no info of it.

[via Macrumors]

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  1. If it is a clone, it is a very good clone. Better yet if it runs the iPhone OS and can sync with iTunes that would be very cool. I wonder if someone tried to attach it to a computer and sync. That would be a better way of proving or disproving this rumor.

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