Players can now drive Tesla cars in PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition

PUBG Mobile has launched version 1.5 update, which offers many updates and additions but the highlight of the update is that players can now drive their own Tesla. Players can drive the newly added Tesla Roadster, Model Y, and Cybertruck.

Other than that, a refreshed Erangel map and game-changing support items are also featured in the version 1.5 update. A new mission called Mission Ignition was also introduced in the first week of July.

PUBG India 1.5 version Tesla cars

Drive Tesla across maps in PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition

The addition of Tesla in PUBG comes because of the game developer’s new partnership with Elon Musk, providing a first-person view of the electric car maker’s latest models. Players can even turn on autopilot mode and enjoy the sights that the new Erangel offers while not worrying about the journey.

In PUBG Mobile, the future is electric! Along with a refreshed Erangel map and game-changing support items, the version 1.5 update offers a stylish way to get around the battlefield: your very own Tesla.

The Mission Ignition mode reinvents New Erangel with high-tech amenities. Need to cover some serious distance? Find an Air Conveyor to launch yourself sky-high across the island. Prefer a more scenic route? Catch a Hyperline train. The future is fun!

PUBG Mobile Ignition Tesla update

The Mission Ignition comes with a lot of cool and fun stuff to do, and it has been live since July 8th, while Tesla will join the party from 9 July till 11 August. The newly added Mission Ignition can be easily found in the EvoGround section of the Select Mode menu.

As if that’s not enough, players can also watch and assemble a Model Y in Tesla’s own Gigafactory or even find loot-filled Tesla Semi transporting supply boxes across the battlefield. You can check out PUBG Mobile 1.5: Ignition on the App Store.

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