Realme is still one of the best budget-friendly smartphone brands in 2022

Realme offers budget-friendly 4G and 5G smartphones with high refresh rate HDR OLED screens, quad cameras, amazing performance, cutting-edge edge design for its smartphones, and AIoT products at competition-beating prices while offering industry-leading values at whichever price segments they penetrate. The company has always provided advanced technological advancements that are affordable for GenZ.

Realme was founded by Oppo’s former vice president Li Bingzhong on May 4, 2018. Started originally as a sub-brand of Oppo but eventually, the company ventured into its own brand. Realme then became the fast-growing 5G smartphone brand in Q3 2021 with an 831% growth rate.


Realme is a fast-growing with flashy designs and great features in smartphones

Realme had grown rapidly ever since it was introduced as a sub-brand of OPPO in 2018, the company became the quickest brand to reach 50 million shipments and less than a year later the brand sets yet another world record officially becoming the fastest brand ever to ship 100 million smartphones during June 2021.

Realme benefits massively from its relationship with Oppo. Realme designs and sells its smartphones on its own and slowly becoming more independent but, Oppo still develops colorOS and SuperVOOC for them, and most importantly takes care of the manufacturing and supply chain in countries like China, India, and the rest of the world.


Realme has great online stores and strong partnerships with online retailers and has entered over 61 markets where its products and services have become available in just four years. Realme always stood out for its eye-catching designs and good-performing processors. And the company is always ready to compete against brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo.

Realme is known for its best-performing smartphones at a low price offering users HDR OLED displays with a high refresh rate for smooth screen usage, great performance for a lag-free gaming experience, and a long-lasting battery with fast charging.

Realme’s software updates improve smartphones’ performance and graphics. These software updates ensure that there are no screen glitches, gaming with 60-plus FPS, less overheating, and strong battery life for longer use. Some games like Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, and PUBG mobile require strong processors and yet Realme delivers great performance.

The software updates always help the device to perform better and that’s also one of the reasons I believe Realme phones are long-lasting smartphones. Therefore, I love Realme and it is my favorite smartphone brand.

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