Reddit AMA Apps Now Available for iPhone and Android

Reddit has released official AMA apps for iPhone and Android. Reddit’s AMA (ask me anything) section has really gone mainstream with celebrities making appearances and answering all sorts of questions from the community. The likes of President Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Game of Thrones cast members have only helped boost its popularity.

Ask Me Anything reddit AMA

While Reddit does not have a good looking official app for its website, its Ask Me Anything — official Reddit AMA app looks really good and provides a better AMA experience than the website itself. Users can see a visually rich list of latest AMA interviews, find out when an interview is active and ask questions or get notifications when popular interviews start trending. Redditors can also see all answered questions in an easy to read layout, rather than having to skip through all comments, most of which might not add any value to the interview ( but we all know they are hilarious! ). Of course, you can up vote and down vote the content, which is the best thing about Reddit. There are also different topic categories, ranging from entertainment to travel and food, so you can check out AMAs from people from all walks of life and not just celebrities.

Reddit AMA Apps Now Available for iPhone and Android

Reddit AMA Apps Now Available for iPhone and Android 1

The iOS version of the app only works on iPhone whereas the Android version has both tablet and smartphone user interface. The apps are free to download and must haves for all Reddit users.

Oddly, Reddit still does not have official apps available for any platform, so this is their first in-house app. They have bought Alien Blue but it is yet to be seen if and when will they rebrand it as an official Reddit app. For one of the most popular websites in the world, they sure need to step up their app game.

Download Reddit AMA app for iPhone

Download Reddit AMA app for Android

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