How to remap Windows 11’s keys or shortcuts

If you use your PC for work or play games on it, sometimes, you may need to reassign some keys and shortcuts to different keys as it can help improve productivity and speed.

Windows 11 allows users to remap keys and shortcuts in different ways and using PowerToys is the fastest and easiest method. In this guide, we will show you how to do it.

Remap keys or shortcuts Windows 11 featured

Here is how to remap keys or shortcuts in Windows 11

How to remap keys

  1. Open PowerToys > click on Keyboard Manager > toggle on the “Enable Keyboard Manager” > click the “Remap a key” option.Remap keys or shortcuts Windows 11_1
  2. Click the Plus button.Remap keys or shortcuts Windows 11_4
  3. Click on Type > select the key to remap in the “Physical key” setting > click on Type > select the key that will be mapped to the other key in the “Mapped to” setting.Remap keys or shortcuts Windows 11_2
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. When done, the key will perform the action of the new key mapping on Windows 11.

How to remake shortcuts

  1. Open PowerToys
  2. Click on Keyboard Manager > toggle on the “Enable Keyboard Manager” > click the “Remap a Shortcuts” option.Remap keys or shortcuts Windows 11_3
  3. Click the Plus button.Remap keys or shortcuts Windows 11_5
  4. Confirm the shortcut to remap in the “Physical Shortcut” setting > confirm the new shortcut that will replace the previous shortcut in the “Mapped to” setting. 
  5. remap keys or shortcuts Windows 11_6
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. When done, the shortcut remap will perform the action you configured in the application.

(Optional) In case you want to remove the remap, you can go to the “Remap a key” or “Remap shortcuts” page and click the “Delete” button for the action you want to remove.

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