Revamped Siri with Apple Intelligence to arrive in Spring 2025

Apple is poised to revolutionize digital assistance with the introduction of a new Siri experience, scheduled for release in spring 2025 alongside iOS 18.4. This transformative update, driven by Apple Intelligence, aims to significantly enhance Siri’s functionality and user interaction.


Key features of the new Siri experience

Advanced contextual understanding:

Siri will now have the capability to understand and interpret on-screen context. This means that users can ask Siri questions or give commands related to the current activity or content displayed on their device.

For instance, if you’re reading an article, you could ask Siri to summarize it or find more information on a specific topic mentioned within the text.

App control:

One of the most anticipated features is Siri’s ability to perform actions within apps. This integration will allow for a more seamless user experience, as Siri can now navigate, interact, and control various functions inside applications.

Enhanced design and user interface:

The upcoming update will also introduce a redesigned interface for Siri, aiming to make interactions more intuitive and visually appealing. The redesign will likely include more dynamic responses and visual elements that align with the overall aesthetics of Apple’s ecosystem.

ChatGPT integration:

In a bid to make Siri more conversational and context-aware, Apple is incorporating elements of ChatGPT into Siri’s framework. This integration promises to provide more natural and engaging interactions, allowing Siri to handle complex queries and maintain context over longer conversations.

Beta testing and rollout:

Apple plans to commence beta testing for the new Siri features starting January 2025. This phased approach will allow developers and early adopters to test and provide feedback, ensuring a polished experience upon the official release.


Limitations and device compatibility

While the new features are set to enhance the Siri experience on most Apple devices, some limitations are expected. Not all functionalities will be immediately available on devices like the Apple Watch, which may receive these updates at a later stage.


With Apple Intelligence, Siri is poised to take a leap forward in the digital assistant race. By focusing on in-context awareness, deeper user understanding, and improved privacy, Apple is setting a new standard for how we interact with our devices.

(Via Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman)

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