Rugged Apple Watch could be branded as Apple Watch Series 8 ‘Pro’

Apple Watch Series 8 is set to arrive this year with a new rugged Apple Watch model alongside the standard model and an updated budget-friendly Apple Watch SE. According to a new report, the extreme sports Apple Watch could be branded as a “Pro” model. The Pro model is also set to get a bigger display, larger battery, and a higher price tag.

Rugged Apple Watch

New details revealed about upcoming rugged Apple Watch model, starting price to be $900

In the latest edition of his “Power On” newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reiterated some details he revealed last week about the rugged Apple Watch last week. The rugged Apple Watch will feature a larger, more shatter-resistant display along with a strong case made from titanium. It will also offer enhanced hiking and swim tracking along with longer battery life.

That smartwatch will be designed to appeal to extreme sports athletes and anyone who might otherwise buy a high-end Garmin sports watch for intense workouts. I also think its bigger screen, larger battery and metal design will make it attractive for anyone who simply wants the most advanced Apple Watch.

Apple Watch

Gurman says the addition of a “Pro” tier to the Apple Watch represents the expansion of Apple’s portfolio with pro models.

That expansion into a higher-end Apple Watch that sits above the standard model follows a long history of Apple widening its product portfolio with pro models. The MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone Pro and AirPods Pro are just a few examples. In the case of the Pro products, except the earbuds, Apple differentiates with better performance and screens plus, of course, a higher price.

That selling point is similar to the pitch for the current iPhone 13 Pro over the regular iPhone 13. Beyond an improved camera, the main differences with the iPhone 13 Pro are nice-to-haves like a stainless steel band instead of aluminum, more battery life and ProMotion.

The journalist once again stated that all models in the lineup will feature the S8 processer. Last year’s Apple Watch models come equipped with the S7 chip but the processor features the same specifications as the S6 chip, making the chip two years old. With that being said, the processor will likely offer gains in efficiency.

Gurman predicts the rugged Apple Watch, which is set to feature a larger display, new sensors, and more expensive materials, could from $900 or $999.

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