Samsung Display and Apple partner for superior MacBook Air and Pro OLED displays

Apple’s future products, including the MacBook Air, are set to set to receive a major upgrade, as Samsung Display is confirmed to be the exclusive supplier of more advanced OLED displays. According to a report by The Elec, the 13.3-inch MacBook Air will be equipped with 6th-generation OLED technology, while both the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models will feature a more advanced 8th-gen kit.

MacBook OLED displays

OLED displays Set to revolutionize future Apple products

As reported by The Elec, the MacBook Air will interestingly use a standard single-stack display, while the more advanced Two-Stack Tandem displays will be reserved for the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models. While two layers stacked in tandem can increase screen brightness and longevity, single-stack displays can still provide excellent display quality.

Exact release timings have not been announced, but the OLED iPad Pro models are expected to launch next year, ahead of the MacBook Air. This suggests that OLED MacBook Pro models will be introduced before the MacBook Air.

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All of Apple’s OLED screens will use a glass/film hybrid, which combines the quality of a glass display with the flexibility of a film one. This technology allows for ultra-thin bezels and curved edges, as the ribbon connectors can be placed beneath the display rather than at the edges.

However, the combination of the two types of OLED technology means that Apple will pay 2-3 times as much as most companies do for their less advanced OLED displays. While this might seem like a steep cost, Apple’s OLED screens are known for their superior quality and performance.

The use of OLED displays in MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro models is a significant upgrade, as OLED technology offers improved color accuracy, deeper blacks, and a wider viewing angle compared to LCDs. These features are particularly important for professionals who require high-quality displays for their work.

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Samsung Display’s exclusive partnership with Apple for OLED screens is a testament to the company’s technological prowess and quality standards. With OLED displays becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry, Samsung Display’s partnership with Apple is sure to boost its position as a leading supplier of advanced display technology.

In conclusion, the exclusive partnership between Samsung Display and Apple for OLED screens is set to bring major upgrades to MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro models. With the combination of advanced OLED technology and a glass/film hybrid, Apple’s OLED screens are sure to provide excellent display quality and performance for professionals and consumers alike.

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