Alleged components of Apple mixed reality headset surface online [U: clearer images available]

The iPhone maker is expected to debut its first-generation Apple mixed reality headset this year, maybe at WWDC 2023 or a later event. Ahead of its launch, images of the headset’s alleged components have surfaced online which slightly reveal its external design. 

[Update; March 30, 2023: Clearer images of the alleged components are now shared by Apple leaker @Sonny Dickson. New leaked pictures appear to be of the same cables which were shared by @Mr. White but include the components’ serialization and part numbers.

Previously, it was specualted that the leaked images could be of HomePod assembly. However, the serialization and part numbers in the latest pictures do not match any existing service assembly in Apple’s database. Therefore, they are most likely assembly for the upcoming Apple mixed reality headset.]

Rumor mills claim that the upcoming device will feature combined augmented reality and virtual reality technology designed to deliver immersive gaming, communication, and media consumption experiences. 

Apple mixed reality headset

As the headset is expected to be thinner and lighter than rival products, it will weigh 200g and feature swappable headbands, up to 2 M-series processors, computing power and storage,  15 camera modules,  three 4K micro-OLED displays with up to 3,000 pixels, waist-mounted battery, and Fresnel’s hybrid ultra-short focal length lenses

Leaked images show cables and sensors of Apple mixed reality headset

Leaker with a good track record, @Mr. White shared the images of alleged Apple mixed reality headset components on Twitter. Previously, the leaker has accurately shared images of Apple’s prototypes.

Out of the four new images, one picture is of sensors or camera lenses on a flexible ribbon and the other three pictures are of ribbon cables that might be contoured around users’ eyes or connect the display to the board. More interestingly, the ribbon cables illustrate the industrial design of the headset.

Apple mixed reality headset

It must be noted that the leaker did not explicitly state that the leaked images belong to Apple’s mixed reality headset and has only used the smiling face with sunglasses emoji to suggest that they belong to the upcoming headset.

Recently, it was reported that the company’s CEO Tim Cook has put his weight behind the operations team which wants to launch the headset as early as possible despite the design team’s opposition. The disagreement is over the device’s bulky design and high price tag, around  $3,000.

However, Cook believes that in the current market, Apple needs to launch a new device even if its first-generation model is expensive and has limited appeal to consumers. Reportedly, its cheaper and improved second-generation model is already in development.

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