Samsung continues to post anti-Apple ads to sell its foldable smartphones

Samsung continues to post ads online that take advantage of anti-Apple sentiment to sell foldable smartphones. The company has been doing this for some time, but recently has upped the ante with a World Cup-themed ad and a YouTube video called “On the Fence” that shows foldable as “cool”.

Samsung ad

The World Cup themed ad, posted on Weibo, shows Galaxy Flip foldable phones and what look like iPhones, as audience members in a football match. It somehow depicts the non-foldable iPhone models as sad and embarrassed, while the foldable Galaxy Flip phones seem happy and cheerful. The ad tagline is “A game without waves is not a complete carnival. It’s time to fold together!”.

Honestly, the ad and its tagline make zero sense as to what Samsung is trying to prove. We are unclear if anybody would be convinced in giving up their iPhone for a Galaxy Z Flip foldable after watching this ad.

The other ad is full of cringe and portrays a person “on the fence” deciding between an iPhone and a Galaxy Z Flip 4. In an alternate universe where the ad has been shot, people somehow lose it when a Galaxy Flip 4 is pulled out from a pocket. This is confirmed as accurate by two people appearing out of nowhere to praise the person once he grabs the Samsung phone.

This ad is a desperate attempt to show Galaxy Flip’s foldable mechanism as something “cool”. We are unsure if the novelty remains after the initial curiosity about the flexible display.

Samsung released a few ads last month too, in which it took direct shots at Apple and its fans, claiming that they have to “wait” for new features. Meanwhile, actual numbers show that the iPhone market continues to grow, as the active install base for iPhone reached an all-time high in Q4, 2022.

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