Samsung might release their world’s first OLED Laptop in 12 months.


Last month, we read news and saw a video of the very first and the world’s largest OLED screen laptop. Now, we’re reading reports that Samsung might actually release this laptop in the next 12 months. Another one of Samsung’s world first is their transparent OLED display music player, Samsung IceTouch. Seems like Samsung wants to rule the transparent screen market.

OLED screens have their advantages. They are slim, provide a sharper, crisper displays and use up less electricity as compared to conventional displays. But a laptop with a transparent OLED screen? I don’t know. The specs are still a secret. It looks quite sleek, but except that, I don’t know what purpose it’ll serve. I wouldn’t want my activities on my laptop to be visible at all times.

[Via Slashgear]

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