First picture of Microsoft’s Project Natal in the wild

nataldev2 Microsoft is gearing up to launch Project Natal this holiday season according to the latest news without any price announcements. What we know is that a lot of big names are preparing software titles to be available for Project Natal at launch – after all ‘it’s the software, stupid’. According to The Seattle Times, Microsoft has hired Pegatron to build Project Natal controllers for Xbox 360 to go on sale later this year. No matter what the critics say, Project Natal will be awesome, given that the price is reasonable.

The above image was taken by Brier Dudley at one gaming studio that was given the Project Natal prototype development kit. We’ve seen the device before but never in the wild without Microsoft’s supervision.

P.S Is it just me or the device resembles Wall-E’s face a lot?

[via Seattle Times]

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