Send MMS from your iPad 3G via your Cellular network using SwirlyMMS

Send MMS using iPad natively via carrier using SwirlyMMSOne of the many things people would want to do on their iPad 3G would be to send and receive MMS. The good news is that swirlyspace has managed to enable MMS on iPad3G with their SwirlyMMS app for iPhone. They have modified their version of the iPhone app and now it is almost ready for jailbroken iPad 3G.

SwirlyMMS will send MMS natively using carrier networks and not via their own online service SwirlyNet.

The SwirlyMMS app hasn’t yet been for iPad. The developers are working on its GUI for the iPad. Apart from its GUI everything is nearly complete and currently it can both send and receive MMS using the iPad as demonstrated in a video.

Here’s what the devs have to say:

So, just to be clear, this MMS is sent *natively* via carrier networks and NOT via our free and otherwise great service SwirlyNet.
We are currently working on a new GUI for the iPad but as this movies demonstrates all technical pieces are in place that allows SwirlyMMS to send and receive MMS and SMS using the iPad!

We’ll keep you updated with the release for SwirlyMMS for the iPad.

[via iPhoneHeat ]

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