Share Your Music Library Over Bluetooth / WiFi Between iPhones & iPods With Eavesdrop!

I’ve always wanted something that could let me share the song that I’m listening on my iPhone wirelessly, instead of having to share an earphone bud along with a little neck twisting. Eavesdrop seems to do exactly that letting you share your iPhone or iPod’s music library with a nearby friend’s iOS device wirelessly over Bluetooth as well as WiFi. All you need to do is leave your Bluetooth running or join the same WiFi network so that your friend using Eavesdrop can tune in to your “radio session” in a snap.


You can grab Eavesdrop from the AppStore for 50% off until April 10th for $1.99.

+ Stream Music to a nearby Friend

Just enable Bluetooth when you are on the go, or connect to your local WiFi and a friend will be able to join your radio session!

+ The Full Experience. Stereo!

Tired of sharing earphones, hearing half of what’s going on and twisting your neck? Eavesdrop gives you the full audio experience. Stereo!

+ Bookmark New Music

A friend played a track to you that you like? With Eavesdrop you can easily bookmark the track!

+ Headphone Remote

Eavesdrop also supports your headphone remote controls, just as you would expect it from your iPod.

+ iTunes Store

If you like a track, Eavesdrop can automatically search the track for you in the iTunes store.

+ Works best over Bluetooth.

+ Requires newer iOS devices with multitasking support!

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Download Eavesdrop for iPhone / iPod [Direct Link]

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