Check out the songs Apple-owned Shazam thinks will be big in 2022

The Apple-owned music discovery and identification platform Shazam has shared a new Apple Music playlist that features songs that it thinks will be big in 2022. The playlist highlights 50 songs with five artists Apple believes people should be keeping an eye on.

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Shazam shares 2022 popular song predictions via new Apple Music playlist

The 2022 predictions playlist can be found by clicking this link which should open in the Apple Music app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In addition, you will also find five artists Shazam thinks will be big this year: Ayra Starr, DannyLux, Lyn Lapid, Sad Night Dynamite, and STAYC. 

Have you ever scanned your Shazam history and spotted a big star—someone you discovered months or years before they became a household name? Every day, the app gets millions of requests from users around the world who are curious about the artist behind a song. These Shazams come from all over—TikTok videos, car commercials, coffee shops, overhearing something in the wild—which makes it a powerful tool for predicting tomorrow’s heavy hitters. 

Shazam 2022 predictions

While the predictions were curated by the ‌Apple Music‌ global editorial, the tracks were selected by its app’s algorithm. The songs show indicators of future growth including discovery in multiple countries and consistent Shazam activity. Check out the playlist and see if you discover your next favorite track.

This playlist features 50 emerging artists who, based on Shazam data reviewed by our editors, are poised to have a breakthrough year. It’s a remarkably global and diverse bunch. Hailing from all corners of the globe (Japan, Russia, South Africa and Colombia are all represented here) with fusions of currently beloved genres like Afropop, hyperpop, regional Mexican and electronic, these are the artists to watch out for in 2022.

You will need an Apple Music subscription to access the playlist. For users who want to try out Apple’s streaming service, the company is offering five months of Apple Music for free to new Shazam users while current users can get a free two-month subscription. Apple says the offer is valid until January 31, 2022.

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