New Shazam app for macOS now natively supports Apple Silicon Macs

Apple has updated its Shazam app for macOS with native support for Apple Silicon Macs and a new icon. Previously, the app ran on M1 and M2 Macs through Rosetta 2 which translated Intel-based apps to ARM architecture.

In September 2018, Apple acquired Shazam reportedly for $400 million and The app enables users to identify songs by listening to the music played on a device, at a live event, or anywhere in the surrounding, completely ad-free. In 2021, Apple reported that the app’s voice recognition technology had been used to search for or identify over a billion songs through iOS Control Center.

Integrating Shazam’s tech in its native music streaming app, the tech company released DJ mixes on Apple Music which recognize different audio clips used in a mix to pay royalties to concerned artists.

Shazam app macOS

Updated Shazam app now delivers faster performance on macOS

Although the Intel apps run smoothly on M1 and M2 Apple Silicon Mac models, their performance is not as good as apps with native support. Therefore, Shazam’s performance on macOS is going to be faster and more power efficient than what it was before with native support for Apple’s M series processors.

Furthermore, the company has updated the icon of the app to match the design language introduced in macOS Big Sur for apps that features shadows and depth to give it a more contemporary look.

Shazam app macOS

Mac users can download the Shazam app from Mac App Store for free. When downloaded a Shazam button appears in the status bar for users to easily and quickly click on it to identify any song being played on their computer or in their surroundings. Users can also enable the “Auto Shazam” setting to start the app on startup or the “One Click” to launch it manually.

Recently, the app for iOS and iPadOS was updated with deeper integration with iPhone to sync songs with the smartphone’s native music app which were identified through iOS toggle in Control Center.

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