Shot on iPhone 12 ‘Chinese New Year – Nian’ movie: charming, fantastical, magical and atmospheric

Apple has released a new ‘Chinese New Year- Nian’ movie in the Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max series, few days. Launched a few days before the Chinese new year, the new short film directed by Lulu Wang tells the coming-of-age story of a brave young girl who goes beyond the fear of the unknown to find and befriend a mythical creature, Nian. And iPhone 12 Pro Max allowed Wang to re-image the ancient story and creatively capture it.

For the first time, the high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max model comes with advanced camera hardware and software technology. It has shift image stabilization sensor, 5x optical zoom range and digital zoom up to 12x, ƒ/2.2 aperture Telephoto lens, LiDAR scanner, and Apple ProRAW, in addition to Dolby Vision, Ultra wide and wide lens, Night Mode, and Deep Fusion available across iPhone 12 models. Therefore, the cinematic experience impressed Wang and her team.

Incredible cinematic images with the iPhone, this very versatile device – Lulu Wang

Shot in iPhone 12


Shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max ‘Chinese New Year- Nian’ movie beautifully tells the story of a fearless brave girl

Starting on February 12, this Chinese New Year is the year of the Ox and Nian is a big part of the celebration as the name of the mythical creature “Nian” means new or new year. And Wang’s short film encapsulates the welcoming nature of the celebration through the lens of iPhone 12 Pro Max. Commenting on the size and features of the smartphone, she said,

I think that the iPhone gives the filmmaker a lof of flexibility in terms of designing shots to capture this film and that in it of itself is incredibly powerful.

Shot in iPhone 12

Other team members said that iPhone 12 Pro Max is like a cinema camera that takes impressive and dramatic shots, and its smaller size than the traditional camera makes filming ‘a one-man band’ and allowed them to get specialty shots which would be harder in the traditional camera.

In addition, Dolby vision, image stabilization, low light, Ultra Wide lens, and Telephoto lens were highly praised by the team. Available on Apple’s YouTube channel, the making of the video is just as interesting as the movie. Recently, Apple featured beautiful images in Shot on iPhone 12 article highlight the camera quality.

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