Should you install iOS 17 Beta 5 or wait for Public Beta?

Apple has recently released iOS 17 Beta 5 to developers and beta testers. The latest beta features updated Modem Firmware 2.08.01 for improved performance and several new features, and bug fixes like animation sound for Airdrop and Namedrop, Shazam music recognition animation, fix for Screen Time bug, and more.

iOS 17 beta 5

The update’s build number is iOS 17.0 (21A5303d) and the ā€œdā€ suggests we are close to the final build. 

If you are conflicted about installing the iOS 17 developer Beta 5, we have listed down information to help you make a decision.

iOS 17 Beta 5: performance, known bugs, and battery drain

Since its launch a few hours ago, here is what we know about iOS 17 Beta 5’s performance, bugs, and battery life.

  • Greekbench 6 scores revealed that there is no significant performance dip from iOS 17 beta 4 to beta 5.
    • Single-core Score: 2639
    • Multi-core Score: 6756
  • Battery life is pretty decent or the same, if not better. 
  • No bugs reported so far.

Should you install iOS 17 Beta 5?

To download developer betas, you need an active Apple Developer membership for $99 per year. On the other hand, Public Beta updates are free. 

As we are only a little a month away from the official release of iOS 17, its latest developer beta is pretty stable and does not include any known performance issues and bugs to cause problems on your device. 

So, if you can afford to pay the Apple Developer registration fee and can’t wait for the Public beta update, then you should install the latest beta to try out the new features.

iOS 17 beta 5

When will iOS 17 Public Beta 3 be available?

We can expect Apple to seed iOS 17 Public Beta 3 in the next 24 to 48 hours which will be a stable version of the iOS 17 Beta. 

Once it is available, you can download it for free from Settings app > General > Software Update > Beta Update.

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