Silverlight 4 beta released – Features and Download links

Silverlight 4 beta has just been demoed and launched at PDC09 by Scott Guthrie. It brings a lot of new functionality including microphone/webcam access, multi-touch, Google Chrome support, drag and drop to name just a few. As my own project will be made on Silverlight 4 beta, I can’t stress enough how awesome these new features are !

There’s a lot of information at Tim Heuer’s blog, so if you want a deep dive into Silverlight 4, that’s where you should be headed. Here are some useful snippets from his blog including the feature list and download links:



Download links:

Out of browser support Silverlight experience has been further enhanced, as well as the UI and theming, so this is a good time to get started with Silverlight 4. Adobe Air had just recently released the beta for version 2 which was aimed at fixing performance issues as well as provided some new features as well including multi-touch. I would personally recommend Silverlight 4 for your next best RIA.

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